Mitch De Guzman & Dith Rosal

Mitch De Guzman & Dith Rosal

The pandemic undoubtedly transformed our social and business landscapes. While the internet has been there for a while, the epidemic has heightened its importance. With all of the health limitations, we could only meet our daily needs by going online. Hence, there is an increasing demand for businesses to move to digital marketing.


Digital marketing refers to promotional initiatives that appear on a computer, phone, tablet, or other electronic devices but it can take many different forms, such as internet video, display adverts, and social media posts. You’re probably familiar with these because you’ve seen a lot of them on your favorite social media platforms.

Internet marketing may seem easy, but on the contrary, it requires patience and hard work. It can even be frustrating and annoying, especially when you see your competitors rank better than you despite your best efforts. To think of techniques to be in front of your customers can be exhausting. 

When this happens, it adds to your anxiety, and you may wonder, “What else should I do?” “Did I miss something?” You may think of ideas to advertise your business all you want, or you can seek professional assistance or might want to check some small businesses social media strategies that can help you.

While you’re still thinking about it, let’s look at another popular type of digital marketing.


There are different types of digital marketing, and one of them is search engine optimization. As it is commonly known, SEO refers to the process of improving your website so that it appears more prominently when people search for items or services connected to your company on Google, Bing, and other search engines. 

This form of digital marketing is appropriate for businesses that have websites and GMB. While social media platforms are helpful, websites establish your credibility by serving as your digital storefront.

There are also several kinds of SEO, such as:

  1. On-page SEO pertains to the steps you take to improve your site’s visibility on the search engine results page by tweaking titles, descriptions, and more.
  2. Link Building refers to everything you do outside your website to improve your ranking and position in Google’s SERPs.
  3. Technical SEO is the action you take to help Google bots successfully crawl, interpret, and index all of your site’s pages for future usage.
  4. Local SEO is a digital marketing approach that assists local businesses and services firms in outranking competitors in Google within the same region using GMB and website.
mobile seo marketing

What is Mobile Marketing and Why is it Relevant?

Mobile Marketing is the process of approaching your potential customers on their smartphones via SMSs, MMSs, e-mails and other notifications.

There was a time when people needed a desktop computer or a laptop to check email or browse the internet. Nowadays, you can perform the same functions on your smartphones. In other words, it’s a mini-computer in your hands and pockets.

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How important local seo philippines


SEO can bring numerous advantages to any organization in its geographic area, as follows: 

  • You get more online visibility.
  • Increased traffic for the most relevant searches
  • Make connections with surrounding businesses.
  • Obtain potential repeat customers
  • Reduce your advertising expenses




Google always matches complete local information to what the searchers are seeking. Hence, it is critical for the full details of your business, such as name, address, and phone number to be all over the net.


Being well-known in your industry is an advantage. Fame refers to how well-known the product or company is. Google wants other information about a company, such as links, articles, citations, and directory listings, including your ranking in the search results to be visible.


It’s the physical space between each potential search result and the area used in the search. If a user does not indicate a place in the search, Google will compute the distance based on the user’s location.

It appears to be a simple process. However, with ever-changing algorithms and competitive pressures, this is not the case.

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There are several approaches to finding a great local SEO agencies, but the ideal option is to go for one widely regarded as the finest in your area. There’s a reason they are top-rated. 

  • You can ask for referrals from friends or colleagues or browse for feedback from previous customers. 
  • Perform a background check on the agency’s SEO professionals and officers, if possible. 
  • Lastly, make sure that they are familiar with businesses similar to yours. Look for agencies with a lot of experience dealing with local businesses and multi-location franchises.


Consider local SEO to be a delectable meal. Dinner is much more than just the food since it is made with passion and pride by a chef who has worked hard to become the best he can be.

He works hard to provide his guests with the most satisfactory dining experience possible by using only the highest quality ingredients. The outstanding service, which is both pleasant and professional, complements the sumptuous food.

It is similar to Local SEO because it comprises a one-of-a-kind blend of on-site and off-site methods.

Adchemist Digital is proficient in both. Although the company is new, the people in control are already experts in their fields. Indeed, the organization is already regarded as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the Philippines. So don’t be surprised if they become the industry leader.

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